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"Streetwear all'italiana."
Mf Fashion - The Next 100 Italy 2019
"Tuttavia, cos'è una base se non un punto di partenza? Il nostro lavoro nasce proprio da lì, dal denim e dal cotone delle maglie, customizzati per dar voce a chiunque li voglia vestire."
VOGUE.IT - December 18, 2018
"Nostalgia is a state of mind, a feeling, an atavistic intimate instinct."
NTMB’s future nostalgia
FUCKINGYOUNG.ES - September 04, 2019
"Paying tribute to both urban culture and sustainability, NTMB’s capsule collection for Faith Connexion contains rough elements and strong colors – a true celebration of all things creative."
A denim celebration: Faith Connexion launches a capsule collection with NTMB
NOWFASHION.COM - June 25, 2016
""The heated struggle can be felt on our skin: excessive, irrational and rutheless.""
NTMB Fall/Winter 2019
FUCKINGYOUNG - January 18, 2019
"“hand-painted-denim guys.”"
Never Too Much Basic, the Italian Faith Connexion Collaborators, Launch Their Own Collection
VOGUE.COM - June 25, 2018
"“Everyone should try to be different; everyone should have a particular detail to show. Be yourself without limits, without thinking about other people’s judgment.”"
Never Too Much Basic, a New Italian Label, Is Reworking Denim
VOGUE.COM - July 01, 2016
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